Information: hardware

  1. Even stronger with sturdy diagonal cross.
  2. All edges and welds are specially finished using modern production methods (meaning no risk of injury).
  3. The sub-frames are secured to the wooden boards using galvanised bolts and lock nuts.
  4. A solid, high precision galvanised safety catch ensures everything is held perfectly.
  5. Three-way kink protection using solid locking bar made of 10 mm drawn round steel.
  6. The coating process is completed by a modern TÜV-certified powder coating system.
    Grease and rust residues are removed from the sub-frames before coating using a chemical cleaning process. They are then coated in a continuous process and dried at a temperature of 200°C.
    The result is a uniform perfect coating, which is high quality, scratch-resistant and incomparable with immersion coating.

Professional welding

The sub-frame bar steel is the strongest available on the market (see photograph from the test institute in Rosenheim).