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High quality table and bench boards.

High quality table and bench boards.
A great deal has changed both technically and in quality terms since board production first started to today’s standard process. Years ago the moisture content of 100 m³ of spruce, in other words around 4500 boards, was recorded and checked by 8 – 10 probes in a drying chamber. Today the standard process, heavily influenced by our customers in the solid timber furniture industry, means that the precise moisture content of every single wooden strip is checked in a continuous process with those outside a tolerance range of 9-11% of the moisture content being removed from use.
This is the only way to ensure that controlled D-4 gluing is possible.

Coating wooden boards :

1. Standard coating: the wooden boards are sealed with a high quality UV coating (food-safe and particularly weather-resistant)

2. Thick varnish: recommended if the table and bench sets are to be used outdoors, for example in a beer garden, ski lodge, etc. The particularly elastic property of the varnish and the application volume of g/m² extend the service life of the sets immeasurably.

All resin pockets are cut out and filled whilst knots are filled to ensure that a sealed surface coating can be achieved.