Special set

We now use the technology which is standard in the formwork and furniture industries for the production of our beer garden sets.
3-Triple layer gluing means that the original glued board becomes a furniture board and tension, torsion, cracking and warping in the wood is minimised.
This technology enables us to produce the Mercedes among beer garden sets:

  • Triple layer glued
  • Thick varnish coating
  • Standard wood thickness of 30 mm

Triple layer glued

A wooden board is produced using three layers using exactly the same method as in the formwork industry. That means that the top layer has no protrusions, no resin pockets, cracks and black knots. In principle the top layer is flawless. The board’s strength and service life is thus enhanced and it has more protection from cracking and warping.

Thick varnish coating

Thick varnish coatings are particularly for outdoor use, in other words in beer gardens. Our standard beer garden sets have a UV coating of approx. 60 g/m². The thick varnish coating is 200 g/m². The varnish is more elastic and therefore does not crack in sun or rain. Another plus point is that the set can be recoated after a few years of use.

Standard wood thickness of 30 mm

The standard wood thickness of 30 mm gives the set a higher quality look. The table has 25% more wood and the bench 7% more wood than the original set.


Table Mass Weight
  220 x 50 x 0,3 25 kg
  220 x 67 x 0,3 30 kg
  220 x 80 x 0,3 35 kg
Bank Maße Weight
  220 x 27 x 0,3 13,5 kg
* with lean 220 x 165/27 x 0,3 20 kg